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A poem for Sam

is quick and bright and full of fun,
Will not sit still, but loves to run
And jump and hop and skip and play -
She always keeps the blues away
And makes me smile
And makes me happy
Except when she is feeling snappy
and cross and cranky - but not often;
She's like a firework - Bang! Fizz! and then
Sam's my happy girl again.
My darling Sammie - guess what?
I love you - lots.

A poem for Thomas

Thomas Gerald Boog
Bright blue eyes and
Hair like honey,
He sometimes carries lots of money
In his pockets;
Sometimes it's cars and trucks and dominoes,
Cards and pens and springs
And things.....
What are you minding today, Thomas?
He has big black boots.
He can ride a bike
And catch a ball
And that's not all.....
What are you doing today, Thomas?
What are you thinking today, Thomas?
How wonderful to be Four.

A poem for Alexandra

on the eve of her nineth birthday.
Tall and slender, candid eyes of blue,
Amber-gold hair waves softly past your shoulders.
Your love of music shows in all you do, and your voice, as you
sing, is clear and true.
An infectious chuckle, a sense of fun -
Dressed up in old curtains,
Out in the sun.
You can be many things in your imagination;
"Look at me, I'm a Princess....a Trapeze Artiste....
an Equestrienne......"
My gentle, dreamy, loving girl,
You will never be lonely,
With a book for a pal.
I admire the way you are so protective of
Your sister and brother -
Like a little mother.
Dream on, my darling girl.
May all your dreams come true.

Alex wrote this poem for me.

G ood at spoiling us.
R estless and quiet.
A lways joining in.
N ever lets me down.
D oing what pleases me.
M akes us happy.
A lways kind.
G R A N D M A !!!
by Alex.

All poems and material copyright of mingara.2002

Main | Poems | Photos | Queensland Trip 1  | Travel & What's New  | 2001 | Links